About Documentary Evidence

What is Documentary Evidence?

Documentary Evidence is a blog containing reviews of Mute Records and related releases, along with interviews and other comment. It is based on the personal views, opinions and recollections of the author. It does not propose to be complete. It is not a discography site. I do not cover promos, the minutiae of release and catalogue information, releases from different countries, variations in artwork blah blah blah. This is about music and the people who made it. If you want the other stuff, you’ll find other sites that do that.

Documentary Evidence was established in 2003.

Who is Mat Smith?

Mat Smith is a writer and Mute Records fan. His pieces are published in Clash magazine. He has also written for Electronic Sound, Feeder and This Is Not Retro. In 2013, Smith compiled the double MuteResponse compilation, available here.

2 thoughts on “About Documentary Evidence

  1. Hi
    Just read your review of ACR’s Graveyard and the Ballroom and thought it might be useful to clear a couple of things up.
    The ACR line up at that time is correct but Simon was the singer at that point, not sure Jez even did backing vocals back then. Simon definitely did all the lead vocals on Graveyard and Too Each. Simon and Peter sometimes played trumpet as well though I think that started happening more towards the release of Too Each. Also dont think there were any keyboards on either album and Simon def never played them on stage.

    Yours (annoyingly?) pedantically

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