Crown Estate – Lazers (Driver Sounds single, 2014)

Crown Estate 'Lazers' download artwork

driver sounds | download | 30/06/2014

‘Lazers’ is the follow-up single to last year’s ‘Battlesbridge’, Crown Estate‘s critically lauded debut single. For their second release, the duo of Julie and Sacha fuse the quirky electronics and sensibilities of today (references to texting, Twitter and Facebook) with a vocal vibe that stretches way, way back to the wry, detached style of classic Blondie.

Pop music doesn’t come more perfect than this: ‘Lazers’ is a vibrant, upbeat track with a wall of sound that positively shimmers with all manner of pretty glimmering textures and cutesy melodies. Stylistically, its themes of craving contact links it to Yazoo‘s ‘Bad Connection’ and Vic Twenty‘s ‘Txt Msg’, but this is at once something far fresher and more uplifting, propelled ever forward on a intricate beat that can’t help but make you smile.

Perhaps it’s the talk of heatwaves and transport meltdowns in the media today, but ‘Lazers’ could well be this reviewer’s summer anthem.

Get ‘Lazers’ on iTunes here. It could be the best 79p you spend.

Thanks to Clare at 1-2-hear and Julie.

Track listing:

1. Lazers

(c) 2014 Mat Smith / Documentary Evidence

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