Electronic Sound 15

It’s been a while since I last posted about my monthly contributions to Electronic Sound.

For the latest issue, appropriately focussed on the so-called “crucible of electronic music” that is the city of Düsseldorf, I interviewed Gabi Delgado from D.A.F. about his recollections of the city and his new album 2.

I also achieved something I never could have expected as a kid while I drove around my home town with my dad listening to OMD by interviewing Andy McCluskey about the track ‘Enola Gay’. Elsewhere in this issue you’ll find a short piece on slow-working New Zealander Introverted Dancefloor, as well as my reviews of Kelpe and my new favourite band, New York’s The Fantastic Plastics.

Electronic Sound can be purchased from the iTunes Store or from electronicsound.co.uk

(c) 2015 Mat Smith / Documentary Evidence

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