The Killer Robots! Crash And Burn (Leomark Studios film, 2016)

I’m not sure how I never heard about The Killer Robots!, a ‘theatrical rock band’ from Orlando, FL where the band members wear huge robot costumes. They seem like a lot of irreverent fun, though I think you have to be a huge nerd to fully appreciate them; or maybe, given their predilection for on-stage pyrotechnics and tongue-in-cheek sci-fi-isms, you just need to be a fan of Muse.

The Robots are just about to release their second movie (the first was called The Killer Robots And The Battle For The Cosmic Potato – yes, you did read that correctly). Co-opting the name from one of my favourite robot flicks of my youth, Crash And Burn is a B-movie-style adventure that follows the Robots as they try to eliminate various nefarious villains in increasingly goofy chapters. The movie was began in 2010 and delivered on an amazingly small budget. The result is both deftly humorous but also, in its own inimitable way, a faithful tribute of sorts to the earliest sci-fi movies.

One-time Mute artist Espen J. Jörgensen contributed voices to three characters in the film – Skippy, RoboNoid and Spytor. Robots founder, bassist Sam Gaffin (who also plays the character Auto and put most of the film together single-handedly over the past five years) wrote a brilliant electronic score for the film that is sure to become as legendary as the movie will, and absolutely needs to be released in its own right. Think of the Louis and Bebe Barron soundtrack to The Forbidden Planet rebooted for modern kit and you won’t be far off.

The Killer Robots! Crash And Burn will be out on iTunes on July 15th. In the meantime, check out the official trailer below.

(c) 2016 Mat Smith / Documentary Evidence

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