Jorge Punaro – An Introduction To Mute (Spotify playlist, 2014)

Jorge Punaro - An Introduction To Mute

At Documentary Evidence, we like to think of ourselves as pretty knowledgeable about all things Mute, but Jorge Punaro is the ultimate expert, and his collection includes some of the most sought-after items in the back catalogue of the label.

By way of proof, Jorge has obsessively compiled this extensive Mute playlist on Spotify, consisting of 133 tracks available on the platform presented largely in alphabetical order. Jorge even points out that the full playlist – containing tracks from every artist that recorded for Mute and many of its sub-labels – contains a whopping 153 tracks, but that twenty artists aren’t available on Spotify.

This painstakingly-prepared playlist runs for a staggering 12 hours and can be found here.

Thanks to Jorge.

(c) 2014 Mat Smith / Documentary Evidence

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