Orbital – Beelzedub (Danny Briottet Mix) (ACP single, 2012)


Beelzedub single | ACP | 2012

Former Renegade Soundwave member Danny Briottet reworked this menacing track from Orbital’s 2012 Wonky LP. A sort of spiritual (or maybe that should be anti-spiritual) descendent of the Hartnoll brothers’ ‘Satan’, ‘Beelzedub’ is here recast as a bass-heavy cut with lots of ground-out distorted moments that recall Briottet’s work in Soundwave, as well as offering a nod toward the more contemporary mood – if not the stop-start mantra – of dubstep. The fusion of dark, ominous soundtrack strings with Briottet’s sprinkles of melody and his comprehensive knowledge of the mechanics of dub makes this an essential re-imagining of the Hartnoll schtick.

Listen to the mix below.

Thanks to Jorge.

(c) 2014 Mat Smith / Documentary Evidence

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