Gotye – Eyes Wide Open (Yeasayer Remix) (Universal single, 2012)

Gotye 'Eyes Wide Open' download artwork

Eyes Wide Open (Remixes) single | Universal | 2012

Yeasayer remixed Dutch-Australian Gotye’s ‘Eyes Wide Open’ single in 2012. Their version is a slow, sensual mix that sounds like it should have been recorded many, many moons ago for one of those late-night radio request shows where people dedicate songs to people they love / want to hook up with / need a soundtrack for sex with, though backward sounds, metallic snares and big synths provide a modern twist. It’s a side to Yeasayer not heard on their own material, but it lacks that ingredient that makes their own music so utterly confounding.

First published 2012; re-posted 2014

(c) 2014 Mat Smith / Documentary Evidence

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