Electronic Sound Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Electronic Sound

Electronic Sound, the iPad magazine that I’m proud to contribute to, has started a Kickstarter campaign.

In addition to producing the go-to destination for anyone who loves electronic music, the magazine is setting up The Electronic Music Club. For anyone pledging over £35, backers will get 12 copies of the magazine plus an exclusive clear 7″ by Meat Beat Manifesto’s Jack Dangers and ex-Kraftwerk man Wolfgang Flür. The 7″ is limited to 750 copies and unless you want to pay hugely inflated prices on eBay further down the line, you should really pledge now. Right now. The British state pension is worth nothing these days – if you want to eat or heat your home in retirement, consider this an essential investment.

Look how pretty…

Jack Dangers / Wolfgang Flur 'Staying In The Shadow'

The Kickstarter campaign can be reached here.

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