Ferris Bueller & the Cabaret Voltaire cameo

‘Cameo’ is probably an exaggeration, but a poster for Cabaret Voltaire‘s Micro-Phonies can be seen just behind Ferris Bueller’s bedroom door, alongside posters for Simple Minds, Blancmange and Killing Joke. Ferris might belt out ‘Twist And Shout’ from the back of a float in the film, but it looks as if he’d prefer to be singing ‘Sensoria’.

I referenced this in my review of the last Cabs compilation for Electronic Sound but never got around to putting the visual evidence up here. A couple of trips to Chicago in the last few weeks led me to want to watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off for about the hundredth time.

(c) 2015 Mat Smith / Documentary Evidence

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