Cold Specks ‘Christmas Evermore’ (Sartorial Records, 2012)

Various Artists 'All Ready For The 25th?' download artwork

All Ready For The 25th album | Sartorial Records | 2012

Cold Specks delivered this cover of a Mary Margaret O’Hara track for a Christmas compilation released on Sartorial Records. A plaintive cry for peace and an end to war, ‘Christmas Evermore’ is at times beautiful and at others defiant, Al Spx‘s voice turning tricks that evidence a captivating vocal power she’s barely even started using yet. Spx is here joined by Mark Bedford (double bass), Lee J Harris (electric guitar) and Terry Edwards (flugelhorn, acoustic guitar); if, like me, you think Christmas isn’t Christmas without brass, ‘Christmas Evermore’ won’t disappoint.

First published 2012; re-published 2014

(c) 2014 Mat Smith / Documentary Evidence

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