Cold Specks ‘Christmas Evermore’ (Sartorial Records, 2012)

Various Artists 'All Ready For The 25th?' download artwork

All Ready For The 25th album | Sartorial Records | 2012

Cold Specks delivered this cover of a Mary Margaret O’Hara track for a Christmas compilation released on Sartorial Records. A plaintive cry for peace and an end to war, ‘Christmas Evermore’ is at times beautiful and at others defiant, Al Spx‘s voice turning tricks that evidence a captivating vocal power she’s barely even started using yet. Spx is here joined by Mark Bedford (double bass), Lee J Harris (electric guitar) and Terry Edwards (flugelhorn, acoustic guitar); if, like me, you think Christmas isn’t Christmas without brass, ‘Christmas Evermore’ won’t disappoint.

First published 2012; re-published 2014

(c) 2014 Mat Smith / Documentary Evidence

Cold Specks – A Short History Of The High Rise: Part 3 – Glass

Director: Katerina Cizek, 2013 / Narrator: Cold Specks

Al Spx narrated the third part of this National Film Board of Canada series on the development of vertical living, tracing its origins from mud-built Roman apartment blocks, through slum-clearing social housing projects and finally through to the modern glass-clad luxury condos. Spx’s episode on modern apartment living has a cautionary tone, enhanced by some stirring music from Zoe Keating (‘Optimist’). The series was created in conjunction with the New York Times photo archive. More detail on the project can be found here while this episode can be viewed above.

(c) 2014 Mat Smith / Documentary Evidence