Fast Times: Nick Cave Skateboard

Fast Times: Nick Cave deck

In what is probably a new low in Nick Cave merchandise – bearing in mind his previous lows have included Grinderman pants and tea towels – it was announced this week that Cave had worked with Fast Times and artist Chuck Sperry on a skateboard.

I will be completely honest – whenever I see spotty young urchins pulling tricks at the skate park down on London’s South Bank with their headphones on, I usually do assume they are listening to Nick Cave.


At this rate I think we can assume that a career in fronting insurance commercials when Iggy Pop throws in the towel isn’t far away.

Check out the advert for the deck featuring ‘Nature Boy’ below.

(c) 2015 Mat Smith / Documentary Evidence

Mute Tote Bag (2011)


Mute Tote Bag (2011)

Mute tote bag, purchased at Short Circuit in 2011.

Primary use: for carrying bagels from Brick Lane back home on the train.

Renegade Soundwave ‘Women Respond To Bass’ badge (1990)


Renegade Soundwave 'Women Respond To Bass' badge (1990)

Email from Gary Asquith (Rema-Rema, Renegade Soundwave), 27 March 2014

Hello Mat,

I noticed on your pages somewhere that you had a memorabilia section. So……..

Here’s my Women Respond To Bass Badge and my World Cup Willie badge from the 1966 World Cup. I’m not too big on badges, but I have some punk rock bands and……..?

Willie was our lucky mascot for 1966, and the Women Respond badge was a giveaway at our American tour dates in 1990.

Later. G

Photo courtesy of Gary Asquith.

Depeche Mode badge


Depeche Mode badge

My sister found me this old Depeche Mode badge a few years ago. I’m guessing it’s from the mid-Eighties.