Will Gregory – Dolphins: Spy In The Pod (BBC, first aired 2014)


Dolphins: Spy In The Pod soundtrack | BBC | first aired 2014

Continuing his parallel career as a soundtrack composer for innovative BBC nature documentaries, Goldfrapp‘s Will Gregory provided the music to Dolphins: Spy In The Pod, first broadcast in January 2014. Reflecting the playful scenes of dolphins interacting with each other and the cameras hidden in the likes of a robotic tuna and turtle, Gregory’s music occasionally sounds a lot like the calypso music made for Disney’s The Little Mermaid, so much so that you half expect Sebastian to start singing ‘Under The Sea’ at any moment. Elsewhere there’s a sort of dreamy, aquatic ambience filled with languid guitar lines and wave-like textures.

The music has never been released officialy to the best of my knowledge, but a DVD of the David Tennant-narrated documentary can be bought from Amazon etc.

First posted 2014; edited 2015

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