Erasure – Voulez Woo Woo (Cocktail)

Erasure - Voulez Woo Woo cocktail

I’m continuing my trawl through the Snow Globe cocktail box that came with last year’s boxset and this past weekend I turned my hand to this one, named crudely after the ABBA track that rounded off Vince Clarke and Andy Bell‘s only UK number one single, 1992’s ABBA-Esque EP.

The Woo-Woo is a terribly named drink – definitely one for the alcopop generation, I would say – but it is elegant in its simplicity, both in ingredients and the fact that any amateur mixologist could manage to make this without messing it up. A mix of vodka, peach schnapps and cranberry juice generally served as a highball, the peach counteracts the tartness of the cranberry juice and the sweetness of the peach is neatly offset by the cranberry. So if you can look past the abysmal triteness of the name, this is a pleasant long drink that could probably lead to many blurry nights.

(c) 2014 Mat Smith / Documentary Evidence